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choose the feelings you feel, the thoughts you think, and the belief systems you live by, impacts every area of your life, from your health and how quickly you age; to your career; to relationships and to the amount of money you have.  All outer behavior and manifestation are a reflection of a deeper inner reality of beliefs, thoughts and feelings. Therefore, the fastest, easiest, and most effective method to change your behavior and your life is by changing your inner reality. By using the Energy Exchange Technique, you are in control of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and therefore what you experience and manifest in your life.

With the Energy Exchange Technique, you are always at a point of choice and can choose love, happiness, health and abundance, anytime and anywhere.  You can use the Energy Exchange Technique at home, at work, in hospitals, outdoors or indoors, anywhere. By using this gentle yet extremely powerful method to remove negative thought patterns from your system, you will remove their negative manifestations from your life and be able to replace them with positive thoughts and positive manifestations quickly and easily!

If you are anything like me you are skeptical that anything so simple could be so effective.  Join the club. I have to confess though, I am probably the best candidate for president of that club.  As a former radio and television journalist for a good many years, I came to energetic therapies and the Energy Exchange Technique in particular, with an extreme amount of skepticism.  I worked with the Energy Exchange Technique for over 8 years on thousands of issues and problems with a wide variety of clients, both male and female, young and old, spiritual and non-spiritual and when something new would come up I expected that this would be the issue or problem the Energy Exchange Technique wouldn’t be able to help.  Every time for every issue and problem the Energy Exchange

Technique worked, helped my clients feel better immediately made a positive impact in their

lives and helped them have the life they wanted, not in the future but in the very moment they used the Technique and afterwards.  It was only after a 100% success rate for over 8 years that I finally trusted the Energy Exchange Technique would actually work no matter what the issue or problem and no matter who the person was or what they believed or didn’t believe. It was only after this 100% success rate for over 8 years that I was willing to put my name to it and begin writing this book. My own healthy skepticism  is also a reason I provide a technique for you to physically verify for yourself the positive changes that result from using the Energy Exchange Technique have actually occurred within your own body and mind. You don’t have to take my word for it, you can prove it yourself, to yourself. For the Energy Exchange Technique to work you do not need to believe it will work; you need only to want to experience something different than what you are currently experiencing.  You will believe it works after you experience the results. You will know from your own experience the Energy Exchange Technique works and produces positive benefits in your own life and helps to create the positive changes you desire. I offer the Energy Exchange Technique to you so you can instantly improve your life, your happiness, your health, your youthfulness and vitality, your relationships, now, this very moment.

The Energy Exchange Technique is an easy, fast and effective method to change negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs to positive ones, instantly. This healing breakthrough enables you to immediately access your own Universal Intelligence to change your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. It quickly connects you to your own source of unlimited love, health and prosperity and enables you to experience directly your connection to all that is available to you the very moment you choose it. By using this powerful technique, you will be able to experience positive thoughts, feelings and beliefs right now, the very moment you use it, anytime, anywhere, no waiting, no complicated machinations and no appointment necessary.


The power of the Energy Exchange Technique is it puts you in control of your

thoughts, feelings and beliefs, no matter what you have experienced in the past  or your present circumstances. Having the ability to

 Changing Your Life Is As Simple As Changing Your Thoughts And Now With The Energy Exchange Technique, Changing Your Thoughts Is Finally Simple.
Changing your life is as simple as changing your thoughts, and now with the Energy Exchange Technique, 
changing your thoughts is finally simple.