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With the Energy Exchange Technique you can feel positive, happy, and confident anytime 
anywhere instantly!

“Instant Happiness, Health and Prosperity With The Energy Exchange Technique” provides a fast, effective and free healing technique that changes any negative thought, feeling or belief to a positive one instantly. It takes 1 minute or less and can be done anytime, anywhere, by anyone. Utilization of the Energy Exchange Technique results in the following triply verifiable transformational changes each time it is used:

1.Negative thought, feeling or belief changed 100% to a positive one

2.Improved health

3.Increased youthfulness (as indicated by younger physiological age)

4.Increased happiness, peace, and contentment

5.Improved ability to manifest what is desired

6.Increased access to higher vibration attractor fields


Increased level of consciousness (as based and verified on the scale researched and

Instant Happiness, Health and Prosperity 
with  the Energy Exchange Technique

    developed by renowned  psychiatrist, David Hawkins, MD, PhD)


People who use the Energy Exchange Technique repeatedly describe as "miraculous" the transformations they experience in their attitudes, feelings , lives, health, and ability to manifest what they desire.  The Energy Exchange Technique produces the positive changes for negative thoughts, feelings or beliefs whether they have been held for 30 years or 30 seconds. For over 12 years I have tested the Energy Exchange Technique in my practice on thousands of issues and problems, with a 100% success rate for my clients, and with triply verifiable improvement in their lives, happiness, health and prosperity.

“Instant Happiness, Health and Prosperity With The Energy Exchange” includes the Energy Exchange Technique, Energy Exchange Formulas for Instant Happiness, Living in the Present Moment, and Abundance Manifestation, along with the Energy Exchange Technique to change hundreds of negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs to positive ones. Also provided in the book is a technique to physically verify all positive changes listed above have occurred within your body and mind and have occurred as a direct result of using the Energy Exchange Technique.

Changing your life is as simple as changing your thoughts, and now with the Energy Exchange Technique, 
changing your thoughts is finally simple.