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 Readers of Instant Happiness, Health and Prosperity with the Energy Exchange Technique have this to say:

“Eve's book is brilliant and life-changing! The simple method for changing old thought patterns, beliefs, and negative emotions works quickly and effectively, restoring me to peace and inner harmony each time. It increases my self-awareness and gives me the choice to feel balanced and empowered and joyful even when old beliefs threaten my serenity. This book has become a loyal, daily companion and travel partner. I would recommend it to anyone seeking greater well-being, truth and happiness in their lives.”- J.S.H., CA

“This is the rare book that showed up in my life at just the right time. "Instant Happiness with the Energy Exchange" taught me how - in an unbelievably easy way - to release old patterns of thought that were no longer serving me. I had purchased dozens of self-help books over the past twenty years, and this book was the long sought-after tool that facilitated the breakthrough that I had been seeking. The Energy Exchange should be a mandatory part of our nation's educational system, for it has the power to heal at the most profound level, replacing negative thoughts and beliefs with positive ones. I was amazed that it really works - and across a broad spectrum of issues. The quality of my life has been vastly and lastingly improved from "Instant Happiness with the Energy Exchange". I encourage you to experience it's miraculous and lasting results.”-L.S., CA

“I have two copies of Instant Happiness by my bed, have given dozens to friends, and recommend it more than any other book I've read because it works. I have used it for every conceivable kind of challenge - from money to parenting to making travel arrangements.”-E.G., CA

“The Energy Exchange is an essential tool for those individuals interested in healing, personal transformation, and Self-empowerment. If you are seeking positive changes in your life, and would like to live a more authentic and vital existence, the energy exchange is for you. Within three months of practicing the energy exchange, I noticed profound changes in the overall quality of my life: my relationships improved, my health and overall vitality was restored, and my mood lifted. I began to make choices that are in alignment with my higher self and live more authentically. The best part: the energy exchange technique is easy to understand and do. It goes beyond theoretical concepts, it provides the wisdom and techniques to support healing. The energy exchange technique has empowered me to transform every aspect of my life: previous patterns and core beliefs have been radically altered, or have disappeared all together. The energy exchange has done for me, what five years of therapy could not. My inner and outer experience in the world has shifted from ego consciousness, and has been "exchanged" for love and self-acceptance. Run-don't walk! Get a copy of The Energy Exchange today.”-S.K., CA

“Eve Brinton's book truly is a short cut to making positive changes in one's life.
Who would not want to quickly exchange negative energy for positive? The more I use her techniques, the faster I can release the unwanted feelings and beliefs that have kept me from realizing my goals and from living the joyous life I have always dreamed of. By freeing myself from old patterns of thought, I have so much more energy for what creating what matters most! So I highly recommend this book.”-B.H., CA

“I didn’t believe it would actually work, but after doing the 3 step Instant Happiness Energy Exchange formula I went from feeling depressed and lousy to being happy and content!” -S.L., California 


“The Energy Exchange Technique changed my life and my family’s life.  The more we used the Energy Exchange, the happier we all were.  My marriage was going downhill and now my husband and I are happy together again.” -M.P., OH 


 "Instant Happiness with the Energy Exchange" is by far one of the most powerful and amazing healing tools I have ever used. The book is insightful, beautifully written and easy to comprehend. The languaging the author uses to facilitate healing is spot on. It has truly touched me at the core of my being and helped me to recognize and release limiting, negative thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve me. I must admit, I was initially a bit skeptical at the speed with which these profound changes could take place. Once I actually began using the Energy Exchange, I was amazed at how quickly and easily changes were made on a very deep level. The quality of my life continues to improve as does the manner in which I view the world. I finally, truly understand that what I think, say, feel and do has a profound effect not only on myself, but the world at large. Therefore, it only stands to reason that as I continue to use this powerful technique of replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, I will continue to unfold into a greater level as a human being, in greater service to myself and the world.”-S.H., CA

“The Energy Exchange has enabled me to live the life I want, full of loving relationships and good health, both physically and mentally.  It really does work and produces immediate results!” -D.B., CA


 “The Energy Exchange does exactly what it said it would, changes any negative thought, feeling or belief to a positive one and instantly makes you feel better and improves your life, your relationships, your health and your bank account!  I loved it so much I bought everyone I loved the Energy Exchange book for Christmas!”—D. S., CA


 "I believe the Energy Exchange is the next step in healing techniques.  It works every time and really does deliver.  I feel better each time I use it, and have shared it with a number of my friends who have had similar positive experiences using it."  —R. B.,OR

“My life has improved remarkably since I’ve been using the Energy Exchange.  I’m much happier and feel much better about my life, my work and my health.” —D.R., CO

“It is truly possible to step into instant happiness! I did it with Eve's easy guidance!” -I.M.L., Denmark

“The Energy Exchange Technique empowers me to be fully and completely me, to successfully overcome the barriers that have blocked me from achieving my full potential, both personally and professionally. Because the Energy Exchange Technique is available to me in every moment – for every decision – for every issue – from large to small – I am able to be happy and achieving my goals, immediately and in any situation!"  -R.D.B, CA

Changing your life is as simple as changing your thoughts, and now with the Energy Exchange Technique, 
changing your thoughts is finally simple.

“To be having so many days with no anger, no fear – no beating myself up – I have no words to express my gratitude. What is totally amazing me – is the huge change in how I think and perceive and process and the results I am experiencing in my day to day life both personally and in my business.” -B.A.S., CA